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Duro?s Impressive History

Since 1968, Duro Manufacturing has been creating quality reel systems for a wide variety of industries across the country. What began as a small manufacturing facility eventually blossomed into our new facility. In our 48 years of business, we?ve becoming an industry leader and the trusted supplier for many commercial businesses across the country. Like all experts, our years of experience have made us even better at what we do.

Our state-of-the-art facility now includes a welding, fabrication and machine shop. For new and customer product design, we have an engineering department; and we also have a dedicated area for powder coating to protect our products once they have been manufactured. All of these in-house capabilities add up to a reliable source for hose reels with almost unparalleled potential to take on even the most demanding projects.

The diversity of our previous clientele speaks for the quality of our manufacturing process. We?ve service clients in the automotive industry, the marine industry, and the petroleum industry; to name just a few. Our equipment is durable, easy to repair, and well-suited to work environments where it will be in constant use. We design and manufacture with the applications of specific industries in mind, and this process has allowed us to successfully create products that help people get their jobs done without a hassle. Imagine a firefighter in a rush to put out a blaze, only to find that the water hose reel is jammed or the hose is knotted. With Duro, you don?t have to worry about those sorts of critical complications.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of our company is that all our our products have been and continue to be made in the USA. We trust the process that we have in place because we created it, so we don?t want to outsource our quality to anyone. When you purchase hose reels from Duro, you can be confident that they?ve been constructed right here at home by experts who have the necessary manufacturing education and experience to build a superior product.

Quality Cable Reels

One of our product lines - our 2400 series - is made specifically to reel in cables. Cables are heavy and can become tangled or frayed if they aren?t properly cared for, so a heavy duty reel is the best way to maintain their effectiveness. Since cables come in so many different sizes and weights, we offer a variety of products within the 2400 series in order to provide you with a reel that meets that needs of your industry or workplace. If your industry operates heavy duty equipment, chances are you will need a cable reel to help get the job done. Good thing Duro has exactly what you need!

In industrial settings, cable reels are used for hoists, overhead cranes, sliding gates, work platforms and many other pieces of heavy equipment. The cable can be coated to protect it from fraying and corrosion during extended use. Because cable reels come in so many styles and sizes, it?s easy to equip them with a variety of cable lengths and thicknesses. Heavy duty applications need a thick woven cable to bear heavy weights without risk of snapping. The reel mechanism itself also needs to be very firm even though it is bolted to a surface, since a lot of the weight born by the cable is transferred to the reel?s structure during use.

At Duro, our reliable cable reels come in hand wound and spring retracted types. These cable reels will work perfectly day in and day out so that you can keep doing your job efficiently. We want to supply you with a product that you can trust to be both safe and powerful in your workplace.

Contact us at Duro Manufacturing Inc. today to place an order or to learn more about the quality products that we offer. We?re happy to assist you with a practical solution that is designed with utmost attention to craftsmanship and functional design. We?re proud to manufacture all of our products right here in the USA, and to work with customers in a wide variety of industries who rely on our products every single day.

More About Static Reels

A static reel is simply a cord or hose reel that is in a permanently fixed position. The mounting area of the reel is bolted to the floor, wall or ceiling using a special fixture that holds it in place during use. Obviously, this is not a convenient choice for every application since some settings require constant movement of equipment, but it can be very convenient for some industries. The fixed position helps to add resistance when the reel is wound or unwound, making the motion smoother and more reliable over time. At Duro, our static reels come in a variety of sizes with mounts to match the necessary weight and strength for their application. Whether you want you reel overhead, against a nearby wall, or mounted directly to the floor, we have the right products for you.

As you probably know, we manufacture a wide range of reels for light to heavy duty applications. All of our manual, powered, large capacity and light duty reels come with static mount options so that our customers can order exactly what suits the needs of their facility.

One good example of the convenience of a static reel would be in a busy mechanic?s shop. If the shop has a car lift, then it can be assumed that the area around the lift is where most of the work will take place since that is where the cars will be parked. A static reel could be mounted within reach of the lift to provide an air supply hose for inflating tires. Not only does this make the hose easier to use, but it keeps it secure on one location on the reel so that it never becomes tangled or lost among all of the other tools in the shop.

If you would like to learn more about the quality products that we make at Duro Manufacturing, browse through our website and take a closer look at some of our listings. If we don?t have anything that meets your needs, get in touch with us and we can put together a custom reel solution for you! Duro has been in the business since 1968, and in that time we?ve proven ourselves to be an industry leader. You can trust us to provide you with top quality reels and any associated equipment that you might need!

Cord Reels for Your Convenience

At Duro Manufacturing Inc., electric cord reels are just one of the types of reels that we manufacture and supply to our customers. An electric cord reel houses an electrical cord that connects to a tool or component on one end and a stationary electrical socket on the other end. The reel is usually installed in very close proximity to the electrical outlet so as much cord as possible can be wound on the reel, allowing the cord to be pulled out to its maximum length during use. This keeps cords from becoming tangled and untidy, and it can also prevent them from fraying or other damage that could occur in a busy industrial setting.

Cord reels come in many different types, and we manufacture several kinds at Duro. Our series 2300 electric cord reels come in several models and are made to hold 100 to 150 feet of cord. Our series 2500 reels are for heavy duty commercial use indoors. We also sell accessory options for these reels that include caged drop lights and a double industrial outlet. These options can be plugged into the end of the reel?s cord. We also manufacture a series of cord reels that are fully enclosed in steel. A powder coat finish protects the steel from corrosion and locks out any moisture or dust that could damage the reel mechanism. A mount at the base of the reel makes it easy to faster the whole unit to a table, wall or ceiling.

Cord reels are very convenient in busy commercial and industrial settings where workers need a versatile power supply for tools and equipment. In shops or plants where space is limited and there is a high volume of traffic, the ease of storing a cord on a reel can be very appealing.

Whether you are looking for cord reels or a variety of other hose reels for your business, Duro should be your trusted manufacturer and supplier. We?ve been in business since 1968, and since then we?ve proven ourselves to be industry leaders again and again. Contact us today to find out more!

Cost-effective Manual Reels

While motor driven hose reels can be very useful in some heavy duty industrial settings, manual reels are a great choice for smaller applications. One major benefit that should be considered is the cost-effectiveness of a manual reel. If you don?t need a motor driven reel, the reality is that a manual one is much cheaper. The reasons for this are obvious since it takes much less material and technology to build anything without a motor. Even though a manual reel doesn?t generate any of its own power, it is still a very useful tool in many settings. Winding and unwinding an hose by hand is not difficult, and it?s especially easy with Duro?s top quality reels.

We offer a complete range of manual reels to accommodate hoses of many different sizes. The weight capacity of our manual reels goes all of the way up to 80 lbs., so you really can use them for high volume water or air hoses. The hand crank built into the reel can be used to rewind and unwind whatever type of hose you are using in your application. Some common applications for a manual reel include mechanic shops, small firefighting units, welding plants, factory assembly lines and more. The diameter of the inlet that the hose feeds into can also be varied from 0.5? to 1.5?, depending on the dimensions of the hose. If one of the sizes on our reel sizing chart does not meet the needs of your application, you can contact our factory and consult with an expert to come up with a customized reel based on your dimensions.

All of our hose reels are finished with a red baked enamel coating to protect them from scratches and corrosion, helping to give you a durable product that will truly stand the test of time. Contact Duro Manufacturing Inc. today, and we will answer all of your questions about our top notch line of hose reels. Our products are all made right here in the USA at our own manufacturing facility. For a manual reel that you can depend on, call Duro at 1 (800) 866-3876.

Air Hose Reels for Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are busy places where cars are constantly being moved around as they are fixed. In this non-stop environment, tools need to be strong and durable to meet the demands that mechanics place on them every single day. The auto repair industry is all about efficiency, because paying customers want their cars fixed and ready to go as quickly as possible. Most car-owners depend on their car to get them to work, to get to the grocery store, etc.; so any downtime at all is very inconvenient. One thing that mechanics do for their customers almost every day is change tires. When they are installing new tires, they fill them each with an even amount of air using an air compressor. The air from the compressor is transported through an air hose, and the air hose usually rests on a reel for convenient access.

Air hose reels in an auto repair shop can be both manually and electrically powered, but a motorized air hose reel is the best option for a high volume shop. The convenience of being able to reel in the hose automatically instead of manually after each use may not seem like a big deal, but when it's something that you do dozens of times in a day, it makes a difference. An air hose reel adds efficiency to a busy repair shop, and it keeps the house out of the way when nobody's using it. With all of the tools and equipment required to work on cars, things tend to get very cluttered and there isn?t much extra space. An air hose reel keeps the air hose out of the way when it isn?t being used.

At Duro, all of our air hose reels are built to last. We use strong steel supports on the reel and cover it with a protective coating before it is finished. These reels are available in a variety of sizes to suit different hose lengths. The air supply can feed directly through the reel and into the hose for seamless and highly pressurized airflow. If you own or operate an auto repair shop and you need air hose reels that you can trust to get the job done, contact Duro and we will equip you with products that last.

The Power of Motor Driven Hose Reels

A motor driven hose reel comes equipped with an electric motor that turns the reel smoothly to make unravelling and storing the hose much easier. Instead of reeling in the hose using a hand crank, the operator can simply press a button and watch the hose roll itself up. This feature is convenient for hoses that are frequently used in industrial applications where it would be too much of a hassle to be constantly rolling the hose up by hand. A motor driven hose reel is also helpful in heavy duty applications where the hose is quite heavy or bulky and cannot be managed by hand without some difficulty.

Duro?s motor driven hose reels come in a variety of sizes with various motors that are suited to the weight of the hose application. Our smallest motor, a 12 volt DC motor with ? horsepower, weighs only 12 pounds. This is used for light and standard duty applications, but it is not explosion proof. This could be an issue in high-stress environments. Most of our higher-powered motors are built to be explosion proof and provide more pull for heavier hose assemblies. One of our heavy duty motors, for instance, has a power output of 115 volts and ? horsepower. We also build air motors for heavy duty use that are powered by an air compressor instead of an electric motor.

Mechanics, welders, construction workers and firefighters all trust motor driven hose reels from Duro to help them get the job done in a timely fashion. We realize that people in every industry work hard, so we provide equipment that makes that job just a little bit easier. All of our motorized reels are built with a sturdy steel frame and spool, and they are powder coated before assembly to protect them from corrosion. What you get is a durable product that will function perfectly for years to come. The direction of the motor in the reel can be reversed for unravelling or rolling the hose back up before and after use. We even sell our motor unit separately, so you can replace a motor on your existing reel or add one to a manual reel.

To learn more about how a Duro motor driven hose reel could be put to use in your workplace, give us a call today. We?d be happy to discuss our product options with you and find a solution for your job.

The Importance Water Hose Reels for Firefighters

There is perhaps no situation where are dependable water hose reel is more important than during a firefight. When a building bursts into flames and every minute of fire means more property damage and a greater threat to human life, firefighters are the people who stand between damage and absolute destruction. To combat the flames, firefighters douse buildings or other burning structures with water. The hoses that firefighters use are wound up on a hose reel to make them easy to store and transport while a fire truck is in motion. When a fire truck leaves the station after an emergency call, all of the equipment needs to be secure and ready to go in just seconds. Once firefighters have arrived on the scene, they quickly roll out hoses and begin battling the flames.

If a fire truck was not equipped with strong and dependable water hose reels, the heavy hoses would be cumbersome and slow to unravel. A kink in the hose or problem with the motion of the reel mechanism could literally make the difference between life and death. Firefighters trust Duro Manufacturing to create hose reels that operate efficiently and consistently in demanding conditions. Duro?s medium and heavy duty water hose reels are constructed using heavy gauge steel. A guiding system helps to prevent the house from becoming knotted or out of line when it is being wound back up. These reels can be motorized for heavy hoses or operated manually using a hand crank.

The wheel on a water hose reel that is used on firetrucks or for other industrial purposes should be lubricated to ensure smooth motion during use. Duro water hose reels can be fitted with either a bottom or top rewind slot that feeds the hose on or off of the reel. The diameter of the wheel varies based on the length of the hose that it will be used with. In fire truck applications, the wheel?s diameter will be very large to allow for a greater length of hose to be stored. It is critical that a fire fighting hose has a long reach, especially for sites where the fire truck may not be able to pull up close to the epicenter of the fire.

Duro Manufacturing Inc. - Hose Reels

Duro Manufacturing Inc. specializes in producing dependable hose reels for industrial and commercial purposes. With three decades of experience, Duro has become an industry leader by manufacturing hose reels right here in the USA using quality materials. Duro's fabrication facility is located in Carson City, Nevada, where welding, machining and fabrication equipment is used to build hose reels with specifications provided by the on-site engineering department.

Because hose reels can be used for such a wide variety of applications, Duro Manufacturing builds a range of products that are applicable to many industries. For example, our 2100 series heavy duty hose reels are built for all pressure ranges and are designed for use with compressed air, water or oil. These heavy duty units frequently end up being used in service trucks. Our 1200 and 1300 series hose reels are ideal for service centers like truck stops or industrial maintenance areas where they will be frequently used for water, oil or compressed air. We even manufacture fully enclosed low-pressure hose reels in our 1600 and 1700 series. These can be used for service station lube rooms, service yards, garage centers, commercial kitchens or dairy operations. Full-enclosed hose reels protect the inner reel mechanism from dirt and water, and the standard white exterior cover gives a clean, finished look. Each hose reel can be used with a ceiling, wall or floor mounting option.

To complete the manufacturing process, we typically apply a heavy powder coat or plating to each of our hose reel products to protect them from rust. This means that they will last longer in the workplace, even when exposed to the weather or other chemicals that would be hard on bare metal components. Duro Manufacturing Inc. has always worked to offer a diverse product lineup that reflects the needs of the many industries that we partner with. We know that in some applications, a simple hand crank hose reel is enough to get the job done. We also know that in heavy-duty lines of work like construction, hoses are large and bulky, and extra power is required. For that reason, we also manufacture motorized hose reels to make your job site more efficient. Our electric and air motors come with several power options, and they all mounted directly to your heavy-duty hose reel unit so that your hose can quickly be rewound after each use. Our motors are reversible to allow for opposite rotation and they are always designed for minimum breakage.

If you are in an industry that requires hose reels, trust the people at Duro to supply you with a high-quality, made-in-the-USA hose reel that will be perfectly suited to your job.

Duro Manufacturing

Here at Duro Manufacturing, we are proud to say that we have been an industry leader for self-service air and water equipment since 1968 and continue to be on the cutting edge of innovation and quality products. With over 46 years of experience within this industry, it should come as no surprise that we have some of the most user friendly products and components as we take a lot pride in having high quality service and products that are designed with our customers in mind.

All of our products are made within our facility where we ensure that each product goes through strict quality control measures in order to create reliable and quality reels while maintaining competitive prices. One category of these reels happens to not involve air or water at all, in fact this reel is specially designed with cables and wires in mind. Our electric cord reels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features in order to fit just about any application. From heavy duty cord reels, to lightweight and more portable cord reels, Duro Manufacturing has the right electric cord reel for you.

We even carry enclosed cord reels which are great for those applications where the cord needs to remain protected while it is in storage. Ranging anywhere from 72 pounds to as light as 10 pounds, our electric cord reels serve a variety of purposes. Check out our dedicated Electric Cord Reels Page to see if we offer a cord reel that will add value to your application or Contact Us today for any further question you may have. Duro Manufacturing has the experience and design range to provide a solution for virtually any need, from spring retracted reels to automatic electric reels all of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Many Reel Options Available Today

Duro Manufacturing has been around since 1968 and has been a leader in designing high end, easy to use, premium quality reel devices for distributors and original equipment manufacturers all around the world. All of our manufacturing is done in-house and we have the highest quality control in order to keep our reels reliable and at a reasonable price compared to the market. We offer unique fabrication, welding and a variety of other features from a machine shop to a production powder coating operation. We like to provide a number of options both with our services as a whole and with the products themselves, in this post we will focus on our underground reels which are great for applications that require a permanent reel to be in place while also being low on floor space.

Our underground reels come in a wide range of sizes with a number of different features to choose from, all depending on what you require within your application. We carry a few different low pressure air and water underground reels that weigh anywhere from 120 pounds to 150 pounds and 3/8? X 50? to 1/2" X 60? for applications that require a both air and water hoses that need to be stored underground. Our series 600 single underground hose reels offer just air or water as opposed to the previously mention Series 500 Air and Water hose reels, and these are much lighter ranging from 86 pounds to 100 pounds with similar measurements. We also have Series 1000 Dual Underground Hose Reels, Series 1100 Single Underground Hose Reels, and Series 1100 Single Underground hose reels, visit our Underground Reels page for further information on all of these reels and more.

Our reels are designed with your applications in mind, we work with companies from the automotive, electrical, industrial, marine, agricultural, and many other industries on a daily basis. The majority of our products can be used for either air or water equipment and come in a number of different colors, cabinet designs and overall styles. Check us out today to see if we have a product for you.

Learning More About Retractable Hose Reels

Retractable hose reels have a number of different uses, from the standard garden hose reels or industrial air hoses within a manufacturing warehouse to even lane lines in a swimming pool. Whatever their application may be, there is no denying that retractable hose reels make the job a lot easier than without them. Think back to a time where you had to reel in a hose or lane line by hand, the process is both time consuming and energy draining. Even the use of a manual reel can be less than ideal, as cranking the reel can also be energy draining.

Thankfully, retractable hose reels exist as they allow for the hose to be wound and unwound automatically rather than by hand. While these machines are a bit more expensive than the manual version, if you are constantly winding and unwinding hoses or cable lines the investment is well worth the money. Depending on your application, retractable hose reels can be outfitted in order to better fit your requirements. For example, larger reels are common in industries that handle larger hoses such as the construction industry or firefighting equipment. The larger models offer more support which is needed in order to reel and unreel these large hoses.

There are a number of different ways that these retractable hose reels can be powered. From spring-powered, electric, hydraulic, air or pneumatic powered and many other ways. A lot of these reels come with a latching mechanism which ensures that the user can unreel the exact amount of hose or cable they need without having to unreel the entire line. Retractable hose reels also come in a variety of materials, and each material is best suited for certain applications. If you aren?t sure what type of material is right for you, or if retractable hose reels are right for you contact us today and we would be happy to help.

Finding the Right Hose Reel

There are so many different uses for water hose reels, from protecting the younger kids from tripping over a hose that would be laying on the ground, to allowing firemen quick access to their hoses. They are ideal for homes as they save space and prevent injury; they also protect the hose from sun damage and prevent the lawnmower from accidentally running the hose over.

Hose reels can be applied to a number of different industries, not just households and fire departments. The concept of a hose is a relatively simple one, it allows for water or liquid, or even air, to travel from point A to point B in an efficient manner. They are used to fill up pools, water lawns and golf courses, cleaning and power washing, and many other uses. These hose reels allow for the hose to be wound up tightly, and can be portable or fixed depending on the desired application. There is a hose reel for just about any application and they all come in the right size for their specific application.

They increase the usefulness of the hose and keep the hose safe during and outside of use. We all know that dangers that an unwound hose can present in high traffic areas, as they can cause injury in the workplace or at home. So no matter what industry you are involved in or you are simply looking for a heavy duty hose for at home use be sure to contact us today to find out which hose reel would be best suited for your unique application.

Hose Reel Suppliers: Saving Time and Lives

Fire is a very dangerous thing. There is no denying that, and it can spread at an alarming rate, thankfully with the right tools a fire can be contained and put out in a timely manner. Water hoses allow for water to be sprayed onto the flames to put them out, and hose reels allow for either fire fighters or even yourself to maneuver long lengths of hose effectively.

The goals of a hose reel is quite simple, allow for the user to have access to the water hose as quickly and efficiently as possible. They do this by storing the hose on a reel that spins so all you have to do to unwind the hose is pull. And not only do hose reels make it easy to unwind the hose, they also make it easier to wind the hose back up after use. Fire hose reels are much like the hose reels you can buy for home or industrial purposes with a few variations.

There are three main types of fire hose reels, grounding, booster and large diameter. These models are built differently due to the fact that the type of hose used on each one is different. Fire hose reels are also built to be a bit more rigid and larger in order to accommodate the fire hose which is much larger and heavier than a typical garden hose.

So whether you are fighting fires with your water hose or simply watering the garden, a hose reel is a necessary tool to ensure that you get the job done in the most effective and accurate way. This is why a good hose reel supplier is so important, because if your reel fails in a time of need it could be a life or death issue.

The Many Uses of Cable Reels

We live in a culture that is always looking for the newest and greatest new electronic. No matter what it may be, the newest gadget is always selling to a mass audience. The biggest issue with this pattern is the sheer amount of new electronics that are put out, this means that storing them all can be a bit of a pain. Cable reels are a fantastic way to help manage this problem and offer value to a number of industries, not just household applications.

Cable reels are the ideal solution where there are numerous cords or cable involved in any work space. They are a quick and easy way to keep cords separated and stored in a way where they take up minimal space while staying untangled for ease of use. A cable reel can be made from a number of different materials, it all depends on the desired application and the weight that the cable reel is expected to hold.

The devices can be used in a number of applications from household storage solutions to use in industrial facilities in order to keep the workspace clear of cords and cables to prevent injury and potential damage to the cord or cable. They can range in size from large reels used to hold steel wire and other industrial products or smaller versions used to hold small electrical wires for at home use.

The Necessity of High Pressure Hose Reels

A hose can be a vital part for many industries. If you think about it just about every company or industry has a use for a hose to some extent. Whether they?re carrying air, gas, water, or another type of liquid, hoses will consistently supply the user with what they need assuming the hose is in good condition. The material that the hose is made from depends on the substance that is being moved through the hose. Regardless of what material the hose is made from, proper storage is key to keeping the hose in working condition. A hose reel is the premium storage solution for any and all hoses. Just like hoses, hose reels can be made up of any different combination of materials and components in order to provide special features or additional advantages. One type of hose reel is the high pressure hose reel, these reels store hoses that are under high pressure and because of this have certain precautions in place to keep the hose in the best condition possible.

If a high pressure hose becomes damaged or is strain by its hose reel, the performance of the hose can be compromised or even be deemed useless altogether. This is why the main function of a high pressured hose reel is to keep the hose safe by carefully and neatly winding up the hose in order to increase the lifespan of the hose. The most prolific example of high pressure hose reels is a fire department hose reel. These products are responsible for keeping lifesaving water hoses in optimal condition and allowing ease of access to these hose while keeping them out of the way when not in use.

Regardless of the size, type, length or material of your high pressure hose, a high pressure hose reel is a necessary investment to keep your hose in the best condition possible saving you time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.

Reeling Hoses in Safely

Reeling up a hose after use can be a giant pain and some find it to be one of the most tedious tasks involved in home ownership. Hoses can be heavy and a pain to manage without a hose reel and sometimes can be a pain to crank back up even if you do have a hose reel. Self-crank reels are becoming more and more popular; these reels allow the user minimal effort when reeling their hose back into a tidy position. This saves times, a lot of work and makes an otherwise dreaded task much more bearable.

The only hazard that these reels present is the possibility of the hose being reeled far too quickly, similar to how a retractable tape measure might work. Far too many times retractable tape measure retracts at a great speed in order to preserve the quality of the tape itself. This experience can be a bit alarming for anyone, now imagine this being a hose flying back into its reel.

Luckily, many retractable hose reel manufacturers have already thought of a solution to this problem. As safety control system is attached that removes the risk of the hose reeling in too fast and causing damage to anyone or anything. These systems are able to slow the hose down, allowing it to move at a faster more controlled speed.

Air Hose Reels can keep you on the Road

We depend on inflatable objects every day, from the car tires we use to get to and from work every day to the bike we ride for leisure. Often times these tires become flat, not only causing the car or bike to not function properly but they are a danger to the person operating the vehicle and those around them. A soft tire can cause your car to decrease in gas efficiency and a weakened tire is more likely to blow out while driving. Often time?s bikes are stored for the winter due to the environment not being conducive to bike riding. This will result in flat tires come spring time when the bikes are removed from storage.

Luckily, we have air hoses to allow for easy, convenient refilling of the tires we depend on. These products come in handy for a number of different projects from topping off the air in our cars tires to pumping up a forgotten basketball. And the best way to store these handy products is with an air hose reel. These reels are designed to keep your air hose safe, protected and out of the way when not in use. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear to your hose and can prevent you from tripping over a loose hose. An air hose reel can come in a variety of styles, from manual to automatic reeling but they all serve the purpose of keeping your air hose safe, which in turn allows for you to keep your car performing the best it possibly can.

How to Pick the Right Reel for You

There are a lot of options when it comes to extension reels, so it can be hard to know what might be the best one for you and your application. Regardless of which reel you chose, the core benefits of having a hose reel remain the same. They lower injury risk by storing your loose hose, cord or rope out of the way to avoid a tripping hazard. On top of their safety value, they also save on storage space and make using a hose a lot more easily.

As stated earlier, there are a number of different options to consider when looking for an extension reel. There are a number of things to consider when looking for an extension reel. What is your price range? What size of reel are you looking for? And what are you looking to store with your reel? Once you figure out those necessities you can start looking at where you would like to place your reel. From wall mounts to stationary models to mobile solutions, there is a style of reel for you. A mobile reel is ideal for applications where the hose is going to see a lot of movement and needs to get to certain hard to reach areas. Wall reels are commonly seen in use as emergency reels where their placement is permanent and known in case of a fire. Depending on your application the hose reel may be made from wood, plastic or metal all according to how much weight the reel is required to hold. However, the biggest choice you are faced with when looking at hose reels is whether or not you would like your reel to be manual or automatically retractable. The manual style is the cheaper option but the retractable advantages could be worth the extra cash as it saves time, energy and makes life simpler.

Overall, the choice is up to you. No matter your choice, your reel will greatly improve your way of life and provide excellent storage and will help prevent unnecessary injury caused by tripping or damage to your hose. The most important thing is to take all of your requirements into account before making your decision.

Hose Reels are Vital to Beating the Summer Heat

With the heat of summer in full force, there is no denying that we are all feeling it. On top of that there is no denying that humans are not the only ones feeling it. You can see the impact of the heat in most of our yards, the yellow, dried out grass that is craving water. In order to supply our grass with what it needs, many homes turn to sprinklers or their hoses to water down their grass, gardens and flower beds. Having a hose is a vital part of home owning and so is having a capable hose reel to help manage a lengthy hose. Not only are hose reels useful for gardening and lawn maintenance, but they come in handy for a number of different uses around the house or commercially. From car washing to firefighting you can be sure to that the best watering systems have a hose reel at the other end of their hose.

Water is the key to survival, especially in this type of heat. Hoses are the most effective way of getting water to where we want it and hose reels are the most effective way of keeping these life-giving tools safe and undamaged. Hose reels keep your hose free of kinks and keep them out of the way when they are not in use. As mentioned earlier, hose reel serve their purposes in a number of different industries which means that they come in a variety of materials and designs in order to be best use out of the hose. These designs can vary from hand wound to pneumatic powered reeling mechanisms, no matter what design you choose you?ll be thankful for your hose and hose reel on these hot summer days.

What Type of Reel Should You Buy?

Everyday there are new products and services coming out that make life easier. Products from backup cameras and Bluetooth technology to automatic hose and cord reels provide users a better experience. In the world of fire fighters, manufacturing plants, oil industry and many others, retractable and automatic reels are essential in keeping work areas clean and cords/hoses safely in place.

Retractable reels save time and energy when compared to the traditional hand-cranking reels. Think of rolling up your vacuum power cord round and round the little hooks that keep it in place. Having to unwind and rewind that power cord over and over is something that I find to be annoying. On the other hand, think if you could just push a button and the vacuum power cord winds itself up on its own. This action, in essence, is what an automatic reel does, but on a larger scale.

There are some cords and hoses that are designed with an automatic function, but most do not, especially in the industrial world. As technology advances, we could see fire hose reels or cord reels all become automatic, as well as other possible features, but today you need to specify to your reel supplier what your application needs. There are many different options and types of reels available, some manual, some automatic and some made for fire trucks. Whatever your reel need is, contact Duro Manufacturing for reel expertise.

Hose Reels: Not Just a Lawn Ornament

Hose reels are a vital part of lawn and garden maintenance, not to mention the benefits they add to the overall safety of your lawn. They may come in a variety of styles such as lawn-mounted, wall-mounted or even on a cart. But the purpose remains the same; they keep hoses out of the way to prevent damage from a lawn mower or to prevent injury due to tripping over a hose. While these are valuable purposes of a hose reel, perhaps the main goal of a hose reel is to increase the value of your hose itself. Having a hose reel keeps your hose free from unwanted tangles and kinks, allowing the water to flow freely.

The concept of a hose reel is rather simple Much like a sewer's spool, the hose is wound around a cylinder with rimmed ends in order to keep the hose in place. This simple invention increases the efficiency of a hose tenfold. Hose reels are responsible for not only keep your lawn and garden hazard-free and tidy, but also provide the fire department an effective way to store and use hoses to fight fires with ease.

Hose have a variety of uses, but regardless of what is being transported through the hose whether it is pressurized air, water, fuel, or other liquids you can count on your hose reel to maintain its purpose of providing a compact, rational location for hose storage with ease of access. While the purpose remains the same, the look and build of hose reels may vary. The price range for these items can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors from brand name to materials used.

Now the basic functionality of every hose reel is the same, one should not run out a simply purchase the cheapest option for every application. Depending on your application the cheap option might not be a safe option for you. You have to consider things like hose length, hose weight, how often the reel will be used, and the environment the reel will be stored in. Obviously, the sturdier the reel the higher the price, but you may need a custom manufacturer to get the exact product your application requires. These custom products will have improved like, productivity, and overall value than their standard made counterpart.

Hose reels are commonplace in backyards and fire engines, but there are a variety of industries and applications that are improved by the presence of a hose reel. These applications include: marine, aviation, military, hydroseeding, well and sewer cleaning, robotic cable, offshore oil rigs, fiber optic cable, and so much more.

Not only are the applications versatile but the hose reels themselves come in a variety of styles and genres. Retractable hose reels, for example, come in a wide range of models such as: manual hand-cranked, motorized, and spring-activated. No matter where you turn, hose reels have a purpose from cord and cable storage to fuel line storage. Regardless of your application, Duro Manufacturing is waiting for your call.

Air Hose Reels

When stopping at most gas stations you will see the extra convenience of air stations for cars, trucks, trailers, and more. If you are lucky, they will even be free of cost. Air hose reels are can either be held within an automatic hose reel or held up with a hook that you manually unwind and wind back up. Again, if you are lucky, the hose will be housed within an automatic hose reel that makes unwinding and winding more convenient, as well as automatically winding the hose in a neat fashion so that it will not get tangled.

When your tire is flat or is low in air, air stations can be crucial to your tire survival and to allow you to make it to future destinations. As previously mentioned the air hose reel can be enclosed, which protects the air hose from becoming tangled or ran over constantly. When it is not protected by an air hose reel and becomes damaged, a hose can start to leak causing it to malfunction. This in turn will cost the gas station more money and possibly the consumer.

Keeping the hose nicely kept on a reel makes for a better appearance and longer life of the air system and hose. These hoses are often very long as they are made to reach both sides of a car when parked. Without a reel the area would just be a mess and it?s likely that the hose would not work due to damage. Hose reels are used in many industries and for multiple applications, including gas stations. Check out Duro Manufacturing for more hose reel options.

Why Automate the Hosereel?

Making many different types of hoses easier to roll up, automatic hose reels are used in both residential and industrial applications. Not all situations call for the use of an automatic hose reel, but when they do, they make life much simpler.

Automatic hose reels are very durable and have either an open or closed (cage) design. Open design hose reels leave hoses uncovered and offer less protection than a covered design. The closed design offers protection from UV rays, fumes, chemicals, and other elements. In addition to an optional covered design, many automatic hose reels also come with a latch system that allows the hose to stop at a desired length.

In the case of emergencies, such as putting out fires, automatic hose reels increase speed traction and organization of the hose reel. Not only will the reel allow for an ease of hose extraction, but it will also retract quickly so that bystanders and other emergency personnel do not trip over the fire hose. Likewise, this same system provides a safer environment for kids and animals that could get tangled, or injured when playing in the backyard if the hose was out. The automatic reels make hose reeling virtually effortless.

Cable Carriers

Used for transportation of liquids, gas, and energy, cable carriers provide a way for many industries to house and organize different types of hoses, cables, and even chains. Cable carriers, when employed, will reduce wear and stress on conduits as well as prevent them from becoming tangled in order to improve both operator safety and response time.

Depending on the application, cable carriers will range in size from a fraction of an inch to twenty-five inches in width. Along with different sizes, carriers also come in a variety of models such as open or closed and designed as open style chain or snap open chain. Typically they are made of either metals, such as steel, or various plastics, like fiber-reinforced nylon or polypropylene. Because there are so many options for design, most cable carriers are custom made to the buyer's specifications.

Hose Reel Options and Considerations

Whether you have used one to water your lawn, fill a pool, was your car, putting out a fire, or hosing down machinery, you have probably used a hose many times. We use hoses all the time at home and at work, and hose reels are simple way to keep hoses organized and easily accessible. But what kind of hose reel do you need?

There are actually many different hose reel varieties to consider: automatic, manual, stationary, portable, and even decorative hose reels. Each of these reels is better suited for particular applications and situations, so it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type before making a decision. For example, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is choosing between an automatic or manual reel. As the names suggests, automatic reels can unwind and retract hoses automatically while manual reels require the user to rewind the hose by hand. Reels are also constructed from a variety of materials like stainless steel and plastics, and these materials are crucial to the durability and look of the reel. Additionally mobile applications may benefit from a portable reel, but for large industrial hoses a stationary reel may be more appropriate.

It is important to consider all of these factors before making a final decision, so that your hose reel functions as effectively as possible for your application. While it may be true that certain options are obviously better and more effective, you also have to consider your budget. Manual reels may require more work on your part, but they are more affordable than their automatic counterparts. Similarly, plastic is less durable than steel and may not look quite as nice, but it is less expensive. Functionality and cost are incredibly important to your hose reel decision, but regardless of your budget or your applications there is a hose reel for you!

Organizing Space with Reels

The beauty of a clean work space, wherever it may be, not only makes the area more organized and safe, but also makes a person feel better for whatever reason. For some, having a messy area, like a garage, can be their biggest pet peeves. In a garage there is a multitude of large equipment with cords and hoses that lie all over the floor and get tangled up in your feet. For example, an air hose connected to a compressor can simply be put away with an air hose reel.

Air hose reels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Most reels are either plastic or metal in order to be as flexible or rigid as you desire. If you want to put a little muscle into the reel, a hand crank wheel can be used to rewind the hose or if you desire an easier version, a spring loaded reel, similar to a tape measurer rolling up, can assist you in the crank. Several sizes are offered to allow a person to purchase an appropriate sized reel for your length of hose. And finally, some air hose reels have the option to be permanent and stationary or to be a portable reel if your air compressor is mobile. For whatever your needs may be, cord reels and hose reels will make your work environment more organized and attractive.

The Pressures of Being a Hose Reel.

Think of pressure in terms of a balloon waiting to pop in the hands of a child squeezing it intensely. In high pressure situations, such as high pressure hoses, durability and strength are necessities. In situations like firefighting, equipment or product failure could be a life-threatening catastrophe. These are tools that you do not want to have to worry about getting jammed or malfunctioning during use, so only the best products are used, and along with them only the most reliable storing products available. In this case, that is a high pressure hose reel. The pressure force of water inside the hose is not the only variable to consider.

Using reels to neatly and securely wind the products will prevent any dragging or catching of the hoses that could lead to entanglement, kinking or damaging of the hose which extends the performance and the overall life of the hose. Not securing hoses properly could lead to a drop in water pressure, which in the case of fire hose reels could result in the fire not being able to be put out at its highest levels and immediate danger to the workers and public. High pressure hose reels are designed according to the needs of high pressure hoses for both water and air.

Besides safe storage, high pressure hose reels can be designed to reel and unreel themselves automatically and are also built strong to withstand the daily nudging and pulling. Another perfect function of most high pressure hose reels is that it can withstand the pressures of air or water while the hose is still wound, making the process of using them quicker and easier. In intense situations, like firefighting, the high pressure hose reel is not the only one under pressure. Use only the highest quality high pressure hose reel during these times.

Industrial Reels, Industrial Applications

Air hose reels are devices that are designed to protect air hoses. Typically there are two different designs for an air hose reel: storage and continuous flow. Continuous flow air hose reels allow the hose to still be function even though the hose is wrapped around the reel. However, a storage reel is constructed with the intent of storing the air hose when it is not in operation. Storage reels are ideal for preventing the hose or cord from having to remain on the floor where it becomes a hazard for employees who could trip on it. This also has the double benefit of extending the lifetime of the air hose as it keeps the hose safe from being ruined from being trampled on. These air hose reels can also be equipped with a number of secondary features. One of the important components is the retractable feature as in some situations manually cranking the hose is not preferred. In these scenarios mechanical hose reels are very beneficial. These reels can be powered electrically, by spring or by pneumatic power.

There many industrial applications involving air hoses, however, when the average person hears the word hose, they will generally think of the garden hose. Although the garden hose is a common type of hose there are a number of other kinds of hoses. Industrial hoses can be used to transport a variety of materials such as gas, oil or air. An air hose reel can actually refer to two different types of reels. The first type is a reel that is used to convey air. The other option is a hose reel that uses pneumatic power to reel or unreel the hose. They are usually fabricated from different elements such as metal, fiberglass or plastic. Typically you will find these air hoses in industries including: manufacturing, automotive, medical, construction and much more. Most often however, when referring to an air hose reel this means the reels are designed to hold air hoses. These are ideal in projects where air must travel an extended distance. In some situations industrial air compressors can be difficult, or in many cases impossible to move. In these situations, air hoses can be attached to help allow the air to get where it needs to go.

Cord Reels and Their Useful Applications

The reels in industry are also mostly used to either store or transport various electrical cords. Cord reels can be of use in multiple industries. A few examples of these include medical, construction, industrial, automotive, aerospace, electronics, commercial, transportation, chemical and cement. The reels can be chosen to incorporate the outside diameter and length of the cable, the type of cord, or whether it is going to be retractable. They can also be made of different materials depending on how they will be put to use. For lighter applications, plastic or wood are often the best choices, while steel or stainless steel are preferred for the heavier applications. However construction sites and industrial applications will often require the larger, heavier reels. Having cord reels makes using the cords easier, as they are harder to tangle, and it keeps them out of the way making it much safer for workers. This also allows the cords to be handled quickly and with much more ease.

Industrial Reels, Some of Our Toughest Reels

When it comes to factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or construction zones, industrial cables are often subjected to some tough elements. These conditions could include a wide range of temperatures, harsh chemicals, frequent spray downs, or simply continuous use. Such exposure can have a negative effect on the cord reels designed to hold them. For this reason industrial reels are often put to use. In addition to helping withstand extreme hardships, industrial reels can also be used when longer or thicker cords or hoses are needed. By reeling the hoses or cords up, the result is it?s able to repel unwanted damage and give the product extra protection. This makes them last longer and keeps the hoses and cords at working at their highest level of performance.

A common use for these industrial reels is when working with high pressure hoses. These hoses are designed to spray water, heavy liquids like oil or grease, or even air. Specific examples in which these reels can be used are air or hydraulic tools, portable water systems, wash down equipment, cable storage, electric power tools, industrial lighting, refueling operations, lubrication and maintenance bays and arc or gas welding. Some of these uses should always be monitored however, such as in the case of electrical cords because they have the chance of overheating and catching fire.

Additional safety and options can be provided in how they are mounted, whether it?s the ceiling or the floor, further on how they are reeled, whether manually or automatically. They can also be mobile if wheels are attached. Industrial hoses are an efficient and necessary addition to many working environments. Not only are they able to protect the hose or cord, they are also able to protect workers from injuries that could occur from tripping or stumbling over them.

Cable Reels, So Many Options

To transmit electrical signals or electrical power, electric cables are typically employed. They are composed of twisted wires coated in an insulating material, which are often plastic based. We see them constantly from day to day, hooking up our different electronics so we can watch TV, play on the computer, etc. Since there are such a wide variety of these cables of various thickness and length, a wide variety of products must also be available to hold them. The decision for what kind of reel would be best depends on how exactly the cable will be used.

Cable reels come in a variety of materials depending on the function they will be used for. Common materials these reels are made of include wood, steel, stainless steel or plastic. Wood and plastic tend to be used for lighter electrical functions, such as holding small cables or small amounts of cable. Meanwhile steel and stainless steel are uses for more heavy duty functions such as housing large industrial cables. Wood and plastic reels are also easier for cables that must be easily moved from place to place, but steel and stainless steel are great for if a large industrial truck is available or if the reels will remain in the same location.

There are also five different forms of cable reels. These are portable, live connection, collapsible, storage, and reel and cable assembly. Portable reels often have handles attached and allowing them to be transported by hand. Live connection reels are able to transmit power while remaining on the reel. Collapsible reels are able to fold flat, allowing them to be used for storage. Storage reels, meant for storage only, cannot be used unless the cable is unwound. Finally, reel and cable assembly contain the reel, wire and other items. Further options exist, such as should it be able to reel itself automatically, or will the person using it have to manually reel it in after each use. Many options exist; it is simply up to the consumer to decide which option would best suit his/her needs.

New Safety to Make Things Easier

Manually retracting a hose is hard work. One solution that is becoming increasingly popular is retractable or spring reels. Instead of being slowly and painstakingly hand-cranked, these products are self cranked up. This can save hose users time, stress and makes things overall much easier.

The only hazard that can potentially present itself with these systems is that the reels could wind the hose, cord or cable too quickly. An easy way to think about this is a retractable tape measurer. I am sure that I am not the only one that at one point went to reel it back in upon being finished with it and had a momentary panic attack as it came in at light speed. I did not know if it would fly up and smack me in the eye, take of one of my fingers or some other catastrophe. And this is only a small tape measure; can you picture a hose flying at you at the speed of light?

Many retractable hose reel manufacturers are now able to present a solution to this problem. To prevent the hose, especially the metal end, from hitting people or objects near by, a safety control system is attached that is able to remove these risks. The control systems are able to slow the hose down, allowing it to move at a slower and safer speed. While these products are currently mostly used in industrial situations, hopefully soon affordable models will be available to consumers as well.

The Beauty of Retractable Cord Reels

Have you ever used an extension cord, rope, or any long corded item in general? You?ve probably dealt with the aftermath of dealing with the cord as well. This is something that is fun to deal with and can cause you a lot of time trying to untangle them. Rolling up a cord nicely and storing it does not guarantee that it will stay untangled forever. This issue can be solved very easily. Hose reels are used in many applications such as garden hose storage, fire hoses, electric cord holders, extension cord holders and many other line storage systems. Commonly, these are used when something needs to be taken out and put away multiple times.

Retractable cord reels allow you to pull out a cord for use and then when it is finished, reel it back in on its own. This device is particularly handy if you are interested in saving time and energy of winding up a cord by hand and storing it elsewhere. When you are not using the cord, it stays nice and neat housed inside of the retractable reel, which keeps it safe and out of the way. One common place to find these is built into the bottom half of a vacuum cleaner. In this application, you can get the vacuum out, pull the cord out as long as possible and then plug it in when you are finished by simply hitting a button. The reels often house electric and extension cords as they need to be plugged and unplugged as needed. In the long run, retractable cords can save time, money, and hassle.

The Complexity in Simplicity

If your work area is covered in hoses, your work may be in desperate need of a hose reel. Hose Reels are a cylindrical spindle made for storing a hose, cables, or cords. You?ve most likely seen them gardening or at a greenhouse. It is quite a simple piece of technology but is a live saver when it comes to storing hoses. Remember back to when you were a kid. You might remember seeing the hose sprawled on the ground or your parents struggling to tie it up. Reels can be made from metal, fiberglass, or plastic. Many industries use this technology. Think about where you see hose reels. Do you see them on a fire truck? On your house? Auto shops? They are virtually everywhere and for good reason.

Did you know there are a few choices when it comes to picking out the perfect hose reel? When classifying hose reels, they are typically categorized by the size and how well they can handle a hose. They even have hose reels that are automatic where all it takes is the push of a button and your hose will wind back up without any strife from you. Some hose reels require you to hand crank the hoses back into the reel manually. These kinds are also less expensive which is an added bonus. So you may find them worth the extra work, the more sophisticated the hose reel, the pricier they become. A good way to categorize is on the concept of portability. We see that some of these reels are designed to be attached to walls while others are on carts or even ceilings. The versatility of where hose reels can be located is why we see them in so many industries.

It may seem almost to simple but the benefits are immense. Spring loaded or hand cranked, plastic and portable or steel and stationary, hose reels are a much more complex piece of equipment than most think.

Hose Reels: Saving Your Life

Your work just caught on fire. You?re in a panic and you call the fire department. But the firefighters are late, disorganized, and cannot get the fire hose off the truck. You make it out safely but you can?t begin to fathom how the fire department got it this way. They won?t be able to save anyone with the mess that they have got going on. You?re worried for the town.

Fire hose reels enable a firefighter?s job to go smoothly. The reel includes the central spool, a built in guide, and an attachment for water. The central spool helps wind and the guide helps when it extends. The water source is there to help put out fires. Firemen and women alike count on these lifesaving devices to keep the hoses tidy and orderly. The fire hose reel is almost equally as important as the fire fighters on the scene. The hose itself activates the flow of water as it is used to fight the fires like the one at your work.

These reels can be found on buildings and make it easier for people to unravel the hose in the event of a fire. Can you imagine what it was like before the hose reel was invented? It is almost a guarantee that the people who brought the fire hose reel into use had no idea what an effective and life changing invention. It is interesting to look at how something as simple as a hose reel can save a life.